Delun Dental
  • Adib Fayad Sobrinho
    Born in Portugal in 1960, graduating in 1982 from Department of Oral Medicine, Rio de Janeiro Federal University, after graduation Adib began to work in Sao Paulo Dental Association and concentrate on dental root canal treatment. In 1985 he was elected chairman Sao Paulo Dental Association because of his outstanding research.
    Exquisite technique: Britain style painless teeth plantation, periodontal care, root canal treatment
    Portuguese Chinese, having grown up in Portugal, graduating from Faro Dental Hospital in 1973, Yang Ling stayed in his school and worked there for seven years. In 1980 he went to study for his doctor degree in Sao Paulo, Brazil. After getting the degree, he began to deal in orthodontics in US and Canada, and now is one of the most authoritative experts in the field of orthodontics.
    Exquisite technique:Orthodontic Treatment, Child & Adult Orthodontics
  • Beatriz costantin kavamoto
    With Portuguese nationality, in 1982 he got the pediatric dentistry diplomas and graduated from Department of Oral Medicine, the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In 2002, he received surgical dentist doctorate from the University of Seville, Spain. He once took part in the research of invisible teeth correction program in the University of Lisbon, Portugal and worked in Sao Paulo Bernardina as private dentist.
    Exquisite techniques: Invisible Teeth Correction, Children's Oral GP
  • Leo XUE
    In 1990s, he became the oral facial anatomy class tutor in Boston University, Baden Oral Implant Seminar and Welsh University. With more than 10 years teeth implant experience, excellent medical skills and rich practice experience, he makes great contribution to the development of China's domestic teeth implant technology.
    Exquisite techniques:Painless Teeth Implant, Beauty Denture
  • Tan Zhijian
    Receiving further education about international frontier teeth correction technology and cosmetic repair, he was invited by Asian Cosmetic Dental Association in 2010 to attend the 11th Asian Cosmetic Dental Society Academic Communication Conference in Malaysia as the representative of China and its council.
    Exquisite techniques:Minimally Invasive Dental Cosmetology, Adult Orthodontics, Minimally Invasive Tooth Extraction
  • Wang Yanjia
    Graduating from Wuhan Tongji Medical University, he has more than twenty years practice experience and more than 10,000 cases of teeth implant and cosmetic repair. In 2005, he went to attend the Nobel Implant System Global Training as the first Chinese distinguished lecturer. So far, he has published more than 10 papers about teeth implant.
    Exquisite techniques:Teeth Implant, Teeth Cosmetic Repair
  • Susam Wang
    Engaged in oral health care for nearly 20 years, she is proficient in repairing dental crowns and correction of all kinds of teeth missing. She participated in all kinds of dental restorations and orthodontic technique, mastered internationally advanced dental treatment technology, adopted "customer-oriented" service concept, and tended to make treatment plans from the perspective of customers.
    Exquisite techniques:Cosmetic Repair, Invisible Correction, Tooth Defects Repair
  • Steve Tan
    Graduating from stomatology major, Guangdong Traditional Medical College in 1994, Tan Bichuan went to School of Medical, Lausanne University in Switzerland for further education. There he was popular among the local Chinese. After returning to China, he concentrated in the fields of youth orthodontics and cosmetic restoration. So far, he has finished more than 2,000 cases of orthodontic repair and published more than 10 papers.
    Exquisite techniques:Orthodontics, Cosmetic Restoration