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  • [Treatments] What is Invisalign? date:2013-10-30 17:30:06 hits:74


  • [Treatments] Repair of Failed Ceramic Teeth date:2013-10-07 14:41:55 hits:134

    The former Ni-Cr porcelain teeth contains free release of metals, which will cause damage to the mouth and result in black lines and discoloration of gum, and it has been listed as one of the suspected carcinogen by the World Health Organiza...

  • [Treatments] Porcelain Veneer date:2013-10-07 14:41:16 hits:179

    Porcelain dental veneers use materials imported from Germany. No teeth reduction, no anesthesia, just affixing thin porcelain dental veneers on the surface of teeth, painless during the whole process, durable postoperatively, can be used abo...

  • [Treatments] Beauty crown date:2013-10-07 14:40:35 hits:156

    Delun adopts international top all-ceramic Bionic materials, invites central Europe dental team, customizes personal dental plan. Pure natural light tooth color contrast would be applied for the rapid correction of adult teeth deformity repa...

  • [Treatments] Dental Implant date:2013-10-07 14:40:11 hits:167

    Delun Dental implants uses imported materials, applies the technology of three-dimensional simulation of bone imaging. Operated by European experienced dental implant specialists, the process would last about 10 minutes per implant. With min...

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